A Standard of Quality

It is our goal that our Door Conversions are so seamlessly installed into our customers doors, that people who see the finished product will think that the door has been replaced instead of remodeled.

We aim to have customers that are so happy with our work that they will enthusiastically spread the word to their friends and neighbors about our unique products.

We are proud when our customers tell us that our finished installations look even better than what they were hoping for.

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Door Conversions History

Door Conversions was founded in 2003 with the idea of providing beautiful and affordable alternatives to replacing a door for homeowners who desire something more from their entryways.  We have thrilled thousands of homeowners with the wonderful changes that our speedy transformations bring to the appearance of their homes.

Door Conversions is based in Rocklin, California close to Sacramento.  The owner, Jeff Lindgren also provides a growing network of Door Conversions Dealerships with outstanding products, training and support, view the list of locations on the ‘dealers’ page.